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Day of Giving

Nebraska Catholic:

Day of Giving 

As we continue to work to build up Camp Kateri for our Youth to experience a deeper relationship with Christ, it requires great work and sacrifice by many people. Our youth of the Diocese of Lincoln deserve a great place to experience God's First Book of Nature; so we must do what we can to make this possible for them.


All of this is to fulfill what Bishop Conley sees as the vision of the need to be reborn in the wonder of nature. The camp will also allow us to build on Pope Francis' idea of faithful stewardship of creation. 

Creation, Sacraments, and Relationships are ultimately Christ's main way to show us His love for us and desire for us to be near to His heart. The desire of  Camp Kateri is to show youth and the diocese this principle more clearly through our facilities and beautiful grounds. Please consider helping us grow for the future development of the Diocese of Lincoln at Camp Kateri. 


Thank you for your continued support!!

With you generous donations, we have been able to improve camp property through gifts and use of funds this past year including, but not limited to: 

  • Camper Scholarships

  • Skid Steer

  • UTV

  • New Planted Trees

  • New Image of St. Kateri on the Barn


Future Projects:

With your continued support, we hope to continue to improve the campgrounds with projects including:

  • Finish the 8th cabin

  • New Bunkbeds

  • Bathhouse Renovations

  • Planting Trees

  • Trail Development

  • Golf Cart

  • Continued Camper Scholarship

Supporting a camp takes a lot of support and prayers and we are so thankful for all of your sacrifices and almsgiving to Camp Kateri. We hope to continue our relationship with your family and have a lot of new ideas in the works for Camp Kateri, so stay tuned! 

-In Christ

Camp Kateri Directors

Fr. Waskowiak & Jacob Brouillette

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